Luminous Automotive Lighting! Need brighter lights?

  • Auto Repair Services $50.00

Luminous Automotive Lighting provides professional high end automotive lighting and accessories. Other professional services include headlight restoration, repair, and maintenance. Accessory lighting services such as underglow, LED headlights, evil eyes, and other exciting automotive lighting options are available!

Please call today for your specialized automotive service needs!

HID Kits:
35 watt dc hid kit $50 ( 6 months warranty)
55 watt ac hid kit $85 (6 months warranty)
55 watt pro kit $120 ( 1 year warranty)

LED Headlight kits:
40+ watt single beam led kit $100 ( 6 months warranty)
40+ watt dual beam led kit $120 ( 6 months warranty)

Interior Lights:
Starting at $3.00 per led bulb
Led panels $10.0"
Error free led pair $10.00