Major Geeks of Fresno - Computer Technician

  • Computer Repair $80.00

Greetings Folks,
I'm Chris your community Computer/Networking & Electrical/Electronics Repair Specialist. Each repair is always $79.99/device sometimes BOGO deal applies plus cost of parts if needed. Do you know anyone that needs help with their computer, network infrastructure, general electronic device, &/or their electrical system? I have over 10 years experience which of course means I have the skills & experience necessary to fix it right! Most jobs are 79.99 FLAT. On-site repairs are 80/Trip & if it lapses then 80/hour after the first hour of course....

Please giving US a call!
We WILL make you happy, I GUARANTEE IT!
Thank You for your consideration & have a JOYFUL, HAPPY & BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

Chris J Coats
Owner/IT Consultant
MajorGeeks of Fresno