Make Your Hair Your Most Important Accessory: Great Hair Extensions 4U

  • Hair Stylist

For your hair extensions, you don't need to sacrifice anymore, quality for cost: because I'm a sole operator working privately and by appointment only and also to the fact that I am purchasing my high quality European Remy Human Hair directly from manufacturers, (which I have in stock at all times) this allows me to offer my clients a complete hair makeover experience with quality hair extensions but at low and affordable pricing. Very bottom low priced extensions may be tempting, but don't forget " if it's too good to be true . . . you get what you pay for "

If you believe too many locations in South FL, are overpriced and expensive, be assured that I will provide you with the same, if not better quality hair and work for less! So don't end up paying twice for your hair extensions, and get them done right the first time: you will be dealing with a FL & NY Licensee.

Cosmetologist/Hairstylist/Colorist and a Certified Hair Extensions Specialist, with 29 plus years of experience and I used undetectable and non damaging to your own hair, techniques such as: Keratin Strands Great Lengths SoCap and others, Fusion, Micro Links, Tape Hot Heads/Platinum Seamles.

Forget about compromising and before entrusting anyone to do your hair extensions, invest a few minutes of your time, by calling me: Diane for a free consultation. All your questions will be answered. My all in one hair extensions pricing package includes all the hair needed, precision hair cutting, coloring/color correction/highlights or lowlights as needed and blow and style. All my work is 100% guaranteed and hair services available 7 days a week.