• Housekeeping

25 mile radios from Austin tx ~ Housekeeper/ HouseCleaner

small size home - $150 (1-2 bedroom)
medium size home - $250 (3-4 bedroom)
large size home - $350 (5+ bedroom)

Cash Only
Not to exceed 5hrs total per visit

Duties Available
*Sweeping and moping
*kitchen cleaning (refrigerator, microwave, stove/oven)
*bathrooms (toilet, showers, bathtub, sinks, floors, mirrors)
*blinds, curtains, drapes
*dishes, pots pans
*all indoor household cleaning duties

Pick and choose or all the above

all cleaning products available at no extra charge including
*mop bucket
*vacuum cleaner
*cleaning towels, sponges, duster, rags, toilet cleaners
*liquid cleaning sprays, floor cleaners, wire scrubbers