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CALL my home phone a direct interview is best.
Assistant Professor S. Ferguson Special REDUCED rate for new clients only.
Specializing in Academic Tutoring (Physics, Calculus and Standardized Test Prep)

I have been doing this long enough to say I have a degree of expertise here and i know i can help you. The Counseling and Physics degrees do help, but it is the years of experience that make it work.

Standardized Test Prep --- Spring Special ---- GED, SAT, ACT, PMAT, PCAT, MCAT, SAT Subject Tests (Physics and Calculus-BC), AP Physics and Calculus (BC and AB) $80/ 1.5 hr. introductory session - I can get your son/daughter 100 points on SAT's with just a few $$. You will be impressed, I am sure.
I am a retired Professor of Physics, holding a pair of MA's (counseling and physics) and years of tutoring experience. I provide appropriate academic tutoring in all sciences and math as well as all science and math test prep.

No student should be denied academic success because an instructor does not know how to provide the proper knowledge and confidence.