• Auto Repair Services

I'm traveling to you to fix the problem. Windows not moving, brakes feeling funny, belt squeaking, battery draining, car overheating, "Check Engine or Service Engine Soon" light on, not starting, coolant/antifreeze leaking, ect...

Just call me. If I can't fix it, I'll go the extra mile to try just so you won't have to visit the expensive repair shop. I back my work up with a 15 DAY labor warranty!!! I have a steering wheel/pulley puller, jacks, OBD II scanner, 3 jaw pullers, tire plugs, battery/alternator tester, voltmeter, torx & E torx sockets, access to discounted part prices & home delivery of parts, & many other assets for the job. Best of all, I'll come to you!

I negotiate prices! Let's work together to solve your problem.