• Auto Repair Services $50.00

Hi everybody, my name is Dalton Halls and I am the owner operator of Mirror Image AutoworX where we off Automotive detailing, window tinting and accessories.

I have been detailing for 8 years and decided it was time to start doing it full time. I have been taking the last month to get everything set up and ready. I am in the process of forming my LLC right now and I am taking detail appointments. As for window tinting and accessory sales, I am waiting for a couple of orders to come in and my application to process but after that is all taken care of I will be a dealer for weather tech floormats and many other vehicle accessories. I would love your business as I start this new adventure.

Below is a list of pricing and offers for the fall time period. Thank you for looking and look forward to hearing from you! -Dalton

I offer Full Automotive detailing services. I am able to also pick up your vehicle and return it after it is finished for a $50 service fee.

Fall discount from now until October 31st will be discounted 10% off the prices listed.

Cars, trucks, SUV's and minivans will be priced as listed

Cars: $175
SUV and minivans: $225

A full detail service includes:

Exterior: Wash, clay bar'd, waxed, steam cleaned engine bay, cleaning of wheel-wells, tires, wheels.
Interior: Vacuumed, windows washed and interior steam cleaning If you can see it, it will be touched.

For cars, trucks, SUV's and Minivans will be priced as listed.

Trucks/Suv/ minivans: $125

Interior: Vacuumed, windows washed and interior steam cleaning. If you can see it, it will be touched.

Full 3 stage paint correction: $400

Includes: Wash, clay bar'd, door jams, wheel wells, tires, and wheels steam cleaned 3 stage buffing (cutting, polishing, sealing) and waxed.

RESTORING HEADLIGHTS: $50 for headlights only and $75 for headlights/ foglight combo.

Removal of door moldings, chrome striping and emblems: Call for Pricing.