Mobile Auto Detailing! $65.00 handwash and wax

  • Car Wash $65.00

Regular wash and wax package/ basic detail package.
Compact car $65.00 handwash and wax
interior wiped down and vacuumed
Sedan $80.00includes: handwash and wax interior wiped down and vacuumed
Small trucks $95.00
Midsize trucks $100.00
Single cab large trucks $125.00
Double cab large trucks $145.00
Minivans $135.00
Large vans $150.00
Tow Trucks $185.00

Deluxe detail package
Includes: wash and wax
Interior vacuum and shampoo
Door jams cleaned
Interior wiped down and shined
Interior detailed cleaning
Tires and rims cleaned
Tires coated to shine all exterior and interior plastic coated.
Windows cleaned and treated with rain X.

$125.00 compact cars
$150.00 sedans
$150.00 small trucks
$175.00 midsize truck
$200.00 single cab large truck
$250.00 double cab large truck
$185.00 minivans
$200.00 large vans
$295.00 tow truck
$350.00 large SUVs
$295.00 regular Suvs
$250.00 compact SUVs

Extra services
Ground in stain removal $5.00 a stain
Clay bar treatment $100.00 to $200.00
Rubbing compound treatment $100.00 to $200.00.
Interior deep clean $100.00

Call if your interested today and set up a time. Call Chris. If you don't get me leave a voicemail and ill get back to you, thanks!