Mobile Auto Repair Team. Water pump 40-80!

  • Auto Repair Services $40.00

Hi, my name is James. I'm a 8 year auto mechanic. I have 2 different certifications in the auto motive business. I am a mobilized mechanic NOW. I use to work in a shop just off farmington road. I recently got laid off due to not enough business. I enjoy doing this each an everyday an I have a family of 3 to feed. I'm very reasonable on my pricing.

So if your car is broken down at home or on the side of the road give me a callю I'll come save the day.

Water pump 40-80
Starter 45-75
Struts 80 per side
Brakes Fr 30-40 Rear 40-50
Alternator 50-90
Serpentine belt 40
Timing Belt 150-200

Outer Tie rods 35 per side
Inner Tie rods 40 per side
Sway bar links Fr 25 Rear 30
Control arm Fr 90-120 Rear 90-150
Hub bearing Fr 100 Rear 120
Thermostat 30
Radiator 60-75
Radiator Flush 35
Oil change 25
Tune up 4cyl 60 6cyl 80 8cyl 100 12cyl 110
Fuel pump 100-250
Fuel injector 15 per injector
Rotors 60-70
Ball joints 60-150
Computer diagnostic 30

And these prices are for all American made cars. If you have a foreign vehicle the price may vary. There will be a service charge of $30 if I come out an diagnose your vehicle an you wish to not get the work done. So thank you an hopefully good will help you find my ad.