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Prestige Detailing is one of the few regional shops that does full restorations of cars as well as more conventional detailing. We do not state a low up front price and then add on expense once we get to your car. In most cases you know the exact price you pay up front. Open since 2002.

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A Selection of our mobile Auto Detailing Services Include:
* Hard Water Spot Removal
* Leather Repair/reconditioning
* Upholstry Repair
* Carpet dye
* Polymer Sealant Wax
* Heavy Oxidation Removal
* Overspray Removal
* Paint Polishing
* Headlight Restoration
* Clay Bar Treatment
* Road Tar Removal
* Swirl /Scratch Removal
* Tree Sap Removal
* Buffing/Compounding
* Carpet Stain Removal
* Pet Hair Removal

Apply UV protectant to all hard interior surfaces to restore shine and luster
Shampoo interior carpets, seats, and floor mats/Extracted dry
Deep clean and condition leather seats
Clean head liner
Headlight restoration - restore clarity from oxidized lenses
Thorough Hand Wash
Remove tar, bugs.
Rims wheel wells cleaned.
Brake Dust Removal
Clay Bar all painted surfaces to remove harmful contaminants
High speed polish, Lights scratches / key scratches removed
Interior fragrance
Clean door jams
6 month Polymer wax applied by hand
Windows cleaned to optimum clarity
Tires and under wheel well dressed