Moped Goped Scooter Performance and Repair

  • Motorcycle Repair $35.00

Hi, my name is Hector and I have 15 years of experience servicing and modifying mopeds, scooters and small motorcycles. I'm a motorcycle technician working out of my garage so prices are cheep

Most of the time getting your ped back on the road after sitting for a lengthy period only requires a carburetor rebuild or replacement/upgrade, new fuel lines and filters along with a freshening up of the rest of the mechanical parts starting at $60 depending on make and model.

If you need to to install aftermarket parts I charge around 35/hour
Got a bike engine kit you need me to install, starting at $150

You got a Goped, Bladez, or whatever kind of scooter that hasnt ran in a while? Get it back on the road the right way starting at $60. Other repairs start at only $20.

Want to make it faster, whatever it is? Talk to me, a two stroke motor is capable of over 15,000 RPMS under the right conditions and over 1 mile per CC which means youll have a grin on your face when I'm done with it lol.

I specialize in 2 stroke service and performance
Tomos puch motobecane peugeot sachs batavus yamaha suzuki honda vespa pocket bike blata mta1 mta2 mta4 goped bladez bigfoot zuma etc.

I do porting, carb tunning, and exhaust modifications
I have a limited supply of parts so please, if you need parts call Myrons Mopeds, or Myrons Extreme Machines for Goped and E bike.

I am usually available Mon-Sat 9am-6pm but call ahead please and thank you!