• Security Installation

We install surveillance/security camera systems professionally for your business or home.

The camera systems come with HD, Night Vision, video recorder, and with a hard drive. You can view your footage seeing every detail clearer than ever with HD. You can enlarge your images on wide screen and see all the details. Display resolution up to 1080p!

The systems are accessible from your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or MAC, so you can connect to the DVR directly from your favorite mobile device to view your camera feeds. With Smartphone and Tablet PC compatibility, you will receive 24/7 video security day or night, from any remote location.

We offer 2 to 16 cameras size systems. Size will be based on your business/home needs.

Will come to your business or home to install, configure, and get you connected.
Clean job and work done professionally.

Please call Noor for inquiry/quote.
You will be happy with the professional work and clean job!