Native French Tutoring all over NYC only 25$/h

  • French Lessons $25.00

Hey there, I'm a 22 years old French student on a break this year before going back to Paris to finish my MBA from La Sorbonne, i'm trying to be a tutor full time so i'm willing to move around NYC to meet you at the most convenient location for you. I've always wanted to teach French, preferably to english speakers since i don't speak any other languages than French and English decently.

We can focus on basically anything you want from pronunciation to writing, idioms, French culture, grammar, conversation, if you need to get ready for a test, prepare your future vacation or just generally improve in French cause you like how it sounds (who doesn't ?).

I'm really motivated and i would love to help you improve in French as a one time thing or on a regular basis at competitive rates (25$/hour) !

You can contact me by phone!