Natural looking sew-in's, Vixen Sew in's CHEAP starting at $80

  • Hair Stylist $55.00

I'm a retired beautician, looking to make some extra money in my free time. I'm available week days after 5pm and Sat/Sun I can be available anytime as long as you call ahead. Call Latrice.

All standard Hair styling, cutting, and layering included with all hair-dos at no additional cost.

Regular/Versatile Sew in- $80
Half sew in- $65 ( for Clients with Longer hair and more leave out)
Vixen sew in- $100
Sew in bob - $85

Crochet styles priced by size:

Sew in touch up- $40 (includes wash/conditioning/ tightening, styling)- if no washing needed (just tightening and re-styling)- $25

Quick weave- $55
Quick weave Bob- $65