• Tax Preparation

Don't spend hundreds for a bookkeeper/office assistant when all they are doing is an hours' worth of bookkeeping a week.

PM Bookkeeping is a mobile bookkeeping service that offers a non-traditional approach to bookkeeping. It is very simple. We come whenever you need us and pick up your receipts and return them to you within a couple of days. Easy right?

Whether you use old fashioned ledger, QuickBooks, or another accounting software, PM Bookkeeping can handle your bookkeeping needs.

Don't really keep track of your books? PM Bookkeeping can set you up. Know the value of your inventory and what you sell.

Other services that PM Bookkeeping offers include:
- Billing
- Bill Design
- Spreadsheet Design
- Database Design
- Data Entry
- Period Inventories

Want to know more? Call me. Servicing the Cape and Islands!