• Pressure Washing $125.00

Want to help out with flood clean up but don't know how or just don't have the time?? Need your home pressure washed?? We are currently matching our customers for every paid service we will match & service one free home in the flood area for a family in need!!

After hearing of the flood damage in LA our family decided we would come down from Wisconsin to help with clean up & offer free pressure washing to those affected by the recent flood & not covered by flood insurance. We will be working closely with the Cajun army & a couple other organizations so that we can help the families most in need. We will be arriving in the Baton Rouge area October 1st & will be staying tell late November!!

We plan to spend much of our time serving in Baton Rouge & surrounding flood areas gutting & pressure washing homes for folks in need but we need to make some $$$ while we're here so that we can keep our machines going so for EVERY paid home we pressure wash we will pressure wash one home in the flood zone ABSOLUTELY FREE for a family affected by the recent flooding in your honor!!

We are offering 20% off pressure washing services to those not in the flood areas. The best part is that for every home not in the flood zone we pressure wash we will match it & do one home for free in your honor in the flood area, so if you personally know someone in the flood area we will go to their home after yours, if you don't know someone we will pick a family in need off the list from the Cajan army

Single family homes staring at just $125
We look forward to hearing from you,