NEW BATHROOM LOOK. Don't Replace, Just Reglaze!

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Don't Replace, Just Reglaze! Give your bathroom a brand new look while spending a fraction of the remodeling cost!
If cleaning won't cut it call

We can repair and reglaze:
* Rust * Cracks * Stains * Chips * Burns * Poor Reinforcement *
In any of the following:
* Bathtubs * Countertops * Showers * Sinks * Vanities * Tile *

Reglazing your bathtub is one of the best choices you can make if you're looking to update your bathroom without the cost.

Replacing a bathtub or countertop can easily be upwards of $1000+.
Reglazing or refinishing is an affordable alternative that will give you the look of a brand new bathtub/countertop
You can use your tub as soon as 24 hours after service is completed!

Free estimates are available over the phone.
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