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Mobile dustless blasting is the future of media blasting. As seen on favorite automotive restoring tv shows such as FAST and LOUD, OVERHAULIN, CLASSIC HOT RODS, and many others. I can come to you and blast your vehicle, farm equipment, house, pool, sidewalk, deck, brick , concrete, the things I can do with the dustless blaster are limitless. It can make your deck or driveway look like new again.

Dustless blasting is Eco friendly using green recycled products and u can use it on wood, fiberglass, concrete and metals. I use hold tight 102 on metal so there is no flash rusting. It removes rust, bondo, paint, graffiti and removal of driveway oil stains. There is no chance of warping like older methods of blasting. The dustless blaster makes the metal surface 10 degrees cooler than ambient as it is blasting. There is no chemical reaction like soda blasting and it etches the metal for great adhesion, it is ready for primer when I'm done no extra sanding required. The metal is ready to be primed as soon as I'm done. With dustless blasting I can make wood brick and concrete look like new again.

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