Ombr'e Colored Remy Hair + Installation $299

  • Hair Stylist $300.00


I do great job on sew in weft hair extensions. They're secure, feels real, looks real, feels natural, looks natural. Extensions are perfect for any woman looking to enhance there natural beauty. This service can do a number of things.

*Add fullness
*Add length,
*Color change
*Length change
*Add depth and domension to your overall hair style
*Enhances your beauty
*Changes your entire look
*Makes you feel wonderful
*Expression of your personality
*Makes a great impression.

*Ombr'e Hair Extensions service comes with:
*Free Consultation
*Extensions Installation
*Remy Human hair professionally colored Ombr'e
*Flat iron
*Razor blending
*And Style.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity!
Ombr'e Extensions Installation with 100% Remy Human Hair Included Package Pricing:
18 Inches $299
20 Inches $350
22 Inches $350
24 Inches $399
26 Inches $399

*Hair Specifications*
1. Human hair
2. Tangle free,
3. Waves when wet
4. 100% Virgin,
5. 100% Remy,
6. Re Dye Able,
7. Hair Reusable (up to 3 new installs)
8. 4 Ounces per bundle
9. Shedding free

Over 75 colors to choose from. Chose any inch from 18 inches to 26 inches to be professionally colored Ombr'e. Install, color and hair included in price.You'll need to come in the day before your appointment to chose your Ombr'e hair color for your extensions.

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