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Dog trainer Dan Perata operates a successful dog training, daycare, boarding and long-term training operation in San Francisco, CA. He specializes in teaching you how to work with your pet and earn your dog's respect. In many cases, a one hour session is all you need to head you in the right direction. However, Dan also works with harder cases in a complete board/train program. He has a reputation for fixing problems other trainers cannot solve. His new 12,000 square foot facility provides something for everyone.

The Facility Offers:

- One on One puppy and dog training

- Training-based daycare--Your dog will come home better trained than when he or she arrived. Dogs receive individual training walks and social playtime.

- Short and long-term boarding

- Short or long-term board and train options via our Dan Camp--Your dog will receive a specialized training program tailored to fit the needs of your household. Dan Camp is for new puppies, those clients who do not have enough time for initial dog training, and/or for dogs with more serious issues.

He has extensive experience in the following issues:

- Crate training
- Housebreaking
- Leash pulling and walking
- Separation anxiety
- Destructive behaviors
- Aggression of all forms: dog, person, food
- Socialization issues
- Late stage housebreaking
- Rescue dog rehabilitation
- Preparing a dog for a new baby in the home
- Excessive barking
- Biting-

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