• TV Installation $80.00

Are you tired of paying for your satellite or cable service? Don't need all of those "extra channels" you never watch? Why not use the free digital airwaves to get HD local channels! These antenna's could be replaced with your old analog or satellite dish to get over 150 channels on the free digital broadcast airwaves. I will remove your old dish or antenna and recycle it (if you wish) and replace it with a digital antenna which can be used for all the t.v.'s in the house. Please call for appointment or with any questions you might have. See below for installation pricing.

I have a couple of recommendations of antennas to purchase that are under $80 and are not huge & unsitely. You can buy them retail, are well made & will get the job done perfectly. Just Call!


1 T.V. -- $75
2 T.V's. -- $125
3 T.V's. -- $175
4 T.V's. -- $225

Add $60 to total if I supply the antenna for you.