• Party Entertainment $35.00

- I specialize in paintball parties for any type of celebration.
- A full set of gear is $35 with 500 paintballs.
- A full set of gear includes: gun, mask, 20oz co2 tank and 500 paintballs.
- Another option for your party is the $300 deal. You get 4000 paintballs and access to 15 sets of gear.
- I do not time the use of the gear. Everybody's party is different.
- I do not have a minimum, but I will say you will want to have 4 to 6 players at least.
- Play the ZOMBIE GAME, capture the flag, center flag, elimination and more.
- The location the event is held at is in Albuquerque.

Ask about doing paintball on your own property. I have been to Santa Fe, Moriarty, Sandia Park, Tijeras and hope to be running your custom private party soon. Most parties are $35 x (# of players) unless you would like the $300 deal or some other type of custom package.

Call Devon to reserve your event today!