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  • Virus Removal

Looking for someone right away!!! Need computer assistance?

On-site support for PC repair & computer services. Whether it be a glitch in your software, hardware malfunctions, or Internet connectivity problems, or just a little knowledge gained, there is help. Don't get frustrated and waste time getting in a tangle. Stop those gremlins from running your PC!!! Grrrr

Looking for someone who can speak your language, friendly, help you understand what is going on with your computer, and learn at the same time? Need your home or office setup with a new computer, networked, or just Internet services? We can do all that for you!!!

Don't waste time, give us a call!!!
No Job too big or too small!!!

Here are some of the services offered.
* Internet issues/ no connections
* Upgrades/Repair services
* Install software(Windows 7/ Vista//2000/XP)
* Hardware/Software Upgrades
* Diagnostics
* Virus protection/email issues
* Internet hookup & issues (DSL, Cable, Dial-up)
* Networks (Wireless, Ethernet)
* Security
* laptop repair
* troubleshooting
* Data migration/Data recovery
* Hidden software removal
* printing issues
* Training (Office, QuickBooks, Internet, etc)
* Backup systems
* Consultations (Wireless, SOHO, networking)
* purchases
* New Audio/Video Setup (Home Theater, Xbox, NetFLIX, Flat Screens, Blu-Ray)
* Windows Server 2000/2003/2008