Personal Fitness Trainer - $50 per session/6 sessions

  • Personal Trainers $50.00

Greetings to everyone!

I'm a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in San Antonio and I'm looking for new clients to help get into the best shape of their lives and help you learn to live the health and fitness lifestyle. I practice what I preach and guarantee results as long as you're willing to put in the work. I specialize in bodybuilding/body sculpting, boot camp style training and one-on-one training; as well as small group sessions.

I'm mobile and I can and will travel to your location if you would like.
My rates start at $50 per session with a minimum of 6 sessions per personal training package and $25.00 per session for boot camp style training sessions.

Training packages:
*Fire Starter: 2 Weeks/6 sessions -
Bronze: 4 Weeks, Silver: 8 Weeks, Gold: 12 Weeks, Gold Plus: 16 Weeks, Platinum: 20 Weeks, Platinum Plus: 24 Weeks, Titanium: 28 Weeks, Titanium Plus: 32 Weeks, Diamond: 36 Weeks, Diamond Plus: 40 Weeks, Diamond Cutter: 44 Weeks, The Life Style Changer: 48 Weeks *a Full Year or until your desired results and goals are achieved.

10% Discount on Gold and Gold Plus packages when paid upfront
15% Discount on Platinum through Titanium Plus packages when paid upfront
20% Discount on Diamond through The Lifestyle Changer packages when paid upfront