Garage Muscle. Personal Training Services by Ryan Spiteri

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This Just In! Prominent personal trainer Ryan Spiteri is now accepting new clients.
With his strong reputation throughout the Metro Detroit area, his successful programs
continue to remain in high demand among the Obese seeking weight loss, Athletes
requesting effective strength & conditioning and everyday men, women and children
seeking a permanent transition towards a healthy energetic lifestyle.

As A Client! you're educated on your own unique program accompanied
with a custom meal plan engineered using your nutrition ratios,
a custom cardio regimen performing at your proper heart rate
intensities, and monthly weigh-ins to track our progress via body
mass index (BMI) and body fat percentages.

Other Services Offered:
-Boxing ( Adult and Youth)
-Nutrition ( Custom meal plans and Nutritional counseling )
-Strength and Conditioning
-Private Group Training
- Individual Private Training
-Youth Training Classes
-Adult training Classes
- Boot Camps ( Indoor / Outdoor )

Garage Muscle Athletic Group
515 W. 11 Mile Rd
Madison Heights , MI 48071