Piano, Guitar, Bass Lessons - Beginners Special

  • Music Lessons $30.00

I have taught how to play the guitar, bass and piano for over twenty-five years to all ages, from a beginner's level to an advanced level. I also have taught improvisation methods to brass and woodwind players focusing on theory more so than technique, learning chord and scale structures/patterns.

Lessons cost $30.00 for a one hour lesson given weekly in my music studio where I have many teaching aids to speed up the process. I have helped many people who didn't really think that they could ever play, but are now playing and enjoying their music due to my teaching methods. I am located at the edge of White Center/Burien. I teach all styles of music; jazz, classical, Rock, Blues, etc. . .

I teach music theory, sight reading, rhythms, musical analysis, improvisation and composing. I have performed with many types of bands (funk, blues, rock, R&B, gospel, swing, straight ahead, progressive, fusion), conducted a sixteen-piece orchestra, and backed up the legend, Ernestine Anderson.

Please call Michael.