Piano Lessons - Special summer rates, half price!

  • Music Lessons $1020.00

June through August, I will be offering new students discount summer rates!
This will be $6 a half hour and $10 an hour. Call now!

Summer is a great time to try piano lessons.I have over 18 years experience teaching piano lessons. I teach all ages, adults and children, beginners through advanced. Excellent list of references on request. I believe the most important qualification for teaching is excellent communication skills. Patience and an easy going personality is also very helpful. All students work at their own pace.

I teach in a quiet home studio, parents and family are welcome to quietly watch lessons. I teach all forms of music, classical, jazz, pop, blues, spiritual, ragtime, and contemporary. I always use a metronome to teach accurate tempo and rhythm. Many different techniques are experimented with to inspire students. I teach chords and chord progressions, dynamics and their importance in expression through music. The most important thing I teach is fast accurate note reading. The faster you read music the more you can play, this is especially important in classical music, where improvisation and chord use does not cut it!

If you want to play all forms of music well, you must know how to read music. I encourage all my students to have fun and to surround themselves with all types of music. If possible see the Florida Orchestra perform, and listen to all kinds of music for inspiration. Each student may choose a favorite piece to work on, along with the regular book and theory workbook.

I GUARANTEE EXCELLENT RESULTS IN A SHORT TIME ! My rates are low and competitive. All rates are negotiable and I have discounted rates for siblings and families. The usual rate is $12 a half hour and $20 an hour. There are no contracts, this is not a corporation. You can pay as you go, as long as your attendance is good. I offer a FREE ,NO OBLIGATION demo lesson. This is a 15 minute lesson showing the music books, theory books and other materials{ such as composer bucks} that I use to teach and reward all students. We have major scale contests, and there are plenty of crazy reward stickers.

Please call and if there is no answer please leave a clear call back number. Speak slowly, if I don't call you back it is because I did not understand your number. THANKS!