Piano tuning for live events. Pro piano

  • Piano Tuning $125.00

I am a master piano technician. I live my life to make pianos sound beautiful. It is what I live for.
I tune for live events and concerts and studio settings.
I am a professional piano technician who can tune I a live concert are with loud noise levels. I also use the very best professional tuning equipment and stretch tuning equipment.

I want to show you how beautiful your piano can sound in any environment.
Right now, I will come out and tune your piano to perfection. As I am tuning your piano, I will perform some piano voicing on your piano to make it sound more smooth and beautiful. I will also check and shape your hammers back to factory specs. This helps bring the tones out even more pure and beautiful.

I will also check all your piano alignment including, dampers, pedals, rods, keys, and action.
I will bring your piano back to life.
I will do all of these services for only $125. This will allow you to hear how beautiful your piano can sound and help me find piano players who love their pianos.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you with your piano at your event.