Pipe Fencing by Richard's Portable Welding

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Richard's Portable Welding (RPW) specializes in pipe fencing. We don't install plastic, privacy or chainlink, we just do pipe. With over 17 years experience in most every type of pipe fencing, ( H-sets, gates and gate sets, corners, T-sets, water gaps, corrals, vet clinics, arenas, stalls and stables, cable, entrances and overheads, dairy barns and holding pens, sweep tubs and adjustable alleys just to name a few ) we have not only the experience but also the equipment and work ethic to do your job, do it right, and do it in a timely fashion. We service a 100 mile radius area from Seymour, Mo.
When quality counts and you want it done right, call the pipe fence specialists, call Richard