Superior Soobie & Import. Piston skirt knurling. $100

  • Auto Repair Services $100.00

Does your Subaru excessively consume oil between oil changes? You are not alone. While there are more than a few causes of oil consumption, one we often see is carboned up oil control rings. This is a result of using low-quality engine oil and not changing it regularly.

We are happy to remove your pistons, clean them, and re-ring them (end result in second picture and knurled to eliminate piston slap). This procedure along with full 105k service runs about $2500. Or if you are inclined to perform these repairs yourself we can knurl your good used Subaru piston set, eliminating piston slap forever for only $100 dollars! Quality Japanese rings available for $80 dollars to complete your new piston set.

We can also knurl non-Subaru pistons to customers preference of depth, width etc.
$30 dollars a piston.

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