Plant & Tree Care Specialists Orchid/Bonsai Doctor

  • Lawn Care

We are a plant and tree care specialist company. In addition, we offer Landscape Design and other related services which can be found through our other posting.

Do you have a plant or multiple plants that are degenerating in health for unknown reasons? Are you going away on vacation and worried about your most 'loved plants' health while you are away? Not to fret, we will send someone out to take care of them for you! We take a lot of pride in our work and place utmost importance on both; the plant's happiness as well as our clients' happiness. With affordable rates and a convenient service range, let our team of experienced and qualified specialists come out and take care of your green friends for you.

Services Offered:
Plant-Sitting (Corporate or Private)
Plant Diagnoses
Planting Consultations
Customized Plant-Care Books or Booklets
Indoor Plant Care
Custom-Created Planters/Pots (Plants & Planters Included)
Plant and Tree Sourcing (No Plant or Tree is too Rare, Large or Exotic for us to Find)
Tree Care
Orchid Care
Orchid Sourcing (No Species is too Rare, Large or Exotic for us to Find)
Bonsai Care
Bonsai Sales
Custom Bonsai Creation
Property Maintenance (Indoor/Outdoor).