• Sport Lessons

Learn to box and do MMA (not jiu jitsu based) Not all Boxing and Martial Arts are the Same. I'm the Trainer/Teacher/Coach they don't want you to know!!

With nearly 50 years of battle tested experience, and knowledge of orthodox boxing and the original Karate techniques of the 1960's, 70's,80's,90's and millennia applied to modern Martial Arts.

I am a teacher/trainer/USA Boxing Certified Coach and Professional Licensed Boxing Trainer.
I train both Amateur and Professional Boxers.

We don't sell T-Shirts, We don't sell Vitamins, We don't have Dancing, We don't have Jiu jitsu, We don't have fitness challenges, we don't have Cross fit. We don't do personal exercise training, What we do have is: No Non-Sense FIGHT TRAINING Methods that are proven (Boxing or MMA).

We are a Warrior Class Boxing Gym. What we do is the Art and Science of Traditional Boxing.

How we Do it: It is my desire to teach/train/coach you to succeed, i'm able to use my nearly 50 years of Active Boxing/Karate experience and knowledge to teach you Stances, Footwork, Head and Hand positioning, Angles, Weaving/Bobbing, Head and Hand Movements, Slips, Feints, Counter Attacking, The Art and Science of Boxing.

I teach you How it's done, When it's done and Why it's done, in other words Text Book Boxing!.

We do Group and Private one on one sessions, CALL at normal business hours please.
You should be, Ambitious, Dedicated and Competitive.