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DELPHI INVESTIGATIONS , located in Sacramento, CA offering investigative services in Northern and Central California and internationally to individuals, attorneys, businesses and government agencies. With over forty years experience we can bring to bear our considerable expertise for you in matters of:

Counter Surveillance
Skip Tracing
Workers Compensation Fraud
AOE/COE Investigations
Domestic Fidelity
Domestic Abuse
Cheating Partner
Living Together/Prenuptial Background Checks
Insurance Fraud
Court Records Searches
Missing Persons
Criminal Defense Investigations
Custodial/Non-Custodial Parental fitness
GPS Installations (Conditions apply)
International Agents available
Service of Process (SOP)
Activity Checks and much more

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When Pretty Good, Isn't Good Enough
5325 Elkhorn Blvd. Ste 232
Sacramento, CA 95842

Serving Northern California Since 1975
State License 15391 (Formerly 6136)

Always hire a LICENSED investigator. To verify a license call!
It is unlawful to hire an unlicensed investigator in the State of California