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  • Private Tutoring

Ivy League Graduate Tutors, Inc. offers tutoring in academic and test preparation subjects for students in Elementary through Graduate School. All of our subject tutoring is tailored and personalized for each student. We make our best effort to match tutors and tutees based on mutual compatibility, the tutor's subject expertise, and your child's academic goals and aspirations, learning profile, and personality, amongst other associated characteristics.

Ivy League Graduate Tutors provides ACADEMIC SUBJECT TUTORING in the following:

- HISTORY (U.S. History, European History, World History - all levels)
- LANGUAGES (French, Latin)
- ENGLISH (including ESL, Reading, Writing)
- SCIENCES (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, & Statistics - All levels including College)
- MATHEMATICS (Elementary - Graduate School including Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I/II, SPSS/Statistics, & College Math)

Ivy League Graduate Tutors, Inc. also offers tutoring in specialty academic subject areas. We offer general academic support, study skills and organization, and homework help, among other services!

Ivy League Graduate Tutors offers TEST PREPARATION for students in the following areas:
- NYS Regents Exams
- AP Exam Preparation (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science American History, European History, World History, French, English Language & Literature)
- SAT II Subject Tests (Biology, Chemistry, Math I/II, History, English Literature)
- ISEE/SSAT/COOP Exams (for private school admissions testing)
- SAT Exam (*NEW SAT FORMAT*) (for college admissions entrance)
- ACT Exam (for college admissions entrance)
- GRE & MCAT Exams (for graduate school admissions)
- School, State, & National exams, including College Placement Exams

Ivy League Graduate Tutors, Inc. provides a full range of services for PRIVATE SCHOOL and COLLEGE ADMISSIONS Coaching & Applications, including the private school & college admissions processes and essay guidance.

NONTRADITIONAL LEARNING PROGRAMS are available for students with learning differences.
Tutoring services available throughout NYC, NY; Westchester & Rockland Counties, NY; Bergen County, NJ, & Fairfield County, CT.

We provide tutoring for your student in the comfort of your own home and via e-learning platforms to facilitate the learning process.

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