Professional CUSTOM Automotive Painting / rims /full paint jobs ...

  • Auto Repair Services $25.00

Hello! We just expanded our shop/garage and are now able to set appointments with no virtually no waiting to be scheduled. We are located in near Columbus, but it's worth the drive. Our prices can't be beat for the quality that we offer. We have some of the best people working with us, who truly have passion for what they do; and it shows in our work.

Our shop is called HIGH Performance. We specialize in showroom details for performance cars; but we go the extra mile on every vehicle. No matter the type. We have two paint locations; one in Newark and one off Lockbourne Rd in Columbus.

Paint pricing all depends on the color.
*Panels (bumpers, fenders, hoods, ect.) start at around $200 per panel. That includes paint and clearcoat costs. There are also discounts for multiple panel jobs.

*We can also do full paint jobs. Our paint jobs range from around $1,300-1,500 and that is for paint w/ clearcoat. (That's your price for a normal size sedan). That includes all prep work. For a better quote; you can text me directly. The price we quote, is the price you pay.

* Dent and rust Repair

*Wheel painting also depends on color and size. But a full set usually ranges from $200-250 for a full wheel paint. That includes sandblasting, basecoat, clearcoat, tire restoration (to get any brake dust or stains on the sidewall of the tire) and lifetime tire shine.

*Custom Headlight and Taillight Tint, we offer custom taillight tint. It's a special clearcoat that mixes with a tinted color. You can make pretty much anything you want.
Pearl flakes, color tinted, you name it. We also wetsand and polish them to make them look flawless. Showroom quality, as if you were to buy it from the factory.

We also have a detail shop; we offer some of the lowest prices on the best quality showroom details around. We use all the best natural products designed to keep your car as clean and protected for as long as possible. We also specialize in high end cars and performance cars.

We also offer:
*Scratch touch-up ($25-40 depending on size)
*Interior burn or rip repair ($25-40 for each spot)
*Headlight restoration ($25 per headlight)

If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to call me. My name is Paul. Thank you!