• Auto Repair Services $100.00

Spit Shine Details is located in Virginia Beach, VA. We offer high end proffessional auto detailing specializing in paint restoration and protection.
All work is done by appointment only, call Mon-Sun to schedule.

Here are a few of the packages we offer: (please read carefully, we offer a package to fit everyone's needs and budget)

We also offer pick up and delivery of your vehicle to accommodate your busy schedule. (We are licensed and insured.)

Level 1 Detail: Paint Decontamination wash, deep wheel, tire, & inner fender cleanse, Clay bar treatment to make paint smooth again. Wax application to protect for 3-6 months. Glass is polished to remove hard water spots, and then hydrophobic sealant is applied. Interior is vaccumed, all upholstery cleaned, and glass cleaned. Engine bay is detailed and dressed. Coupes-100$. Sedans-120$. SUVs and mid size trucks-140$. Full size trucks-160$.

Level 2 Detail: Everything a level 1 includes, after Clay bar treatment vehicle recieves a machine polish treatment to enhance gloss and remove up to 80% of defects and then a year long uv and scratch resistant paint sealant is applied. Coupes-240$ sedans-260$. Midsize SUVs and trucks-280$ full size SUVs and trucks-300$.

Level 3 Detail: Also known as a "paint correction" Every method necessary including (wet sanding, dry sanding, hand polishing, machine polishing etc.) is used to remove every removable defect from the exterior of the vehicle. Coupes-$300-$600 Sedans- $400-$700 Midsize vehicles-$500-$800 Full size trucks and SUVs-$800-1200$. Once the finish is brought back to flawless showroom condition there are two options of protection: 1 year paint sealant(included free with Level 3 purchase), Ceramic coating- up to 3 years protection, insane gloss, and hydrophobic properties- starting at 400$. NOTE: a 150$ NON-refundable deposit is required to book an appointment for a level 3 detail and it can take between 2-4 days to complete.

Sales Prep Detail: all about getting a vehicle in proper condition and ready to sell, having a vehicle in proper detailed condition, can make the difference between getting that extra thousand bucks when putting it up for sale. Our sales prep detail includes a thorough exterior wash, interior is vaccumed, all upholstery cleaned and dressed, and engine bay is detailed. Coupes and sedans-80$
Midsize and full size vehicles-100$.

Xpress Detail: A thorough exterior wash, interior "Bulk" clean up. Floors vaccumed, dash wiped down and glass cleaned. Coupes & Sedans- $60 Midsize & Fullsize vehicles- $80.