• Concrete Contractors $600.00

We offer professional concrete coatings at a reasonable cost. We use only the best materials to do the job right. With or without flakes. . . The process usually takes 2 days to complete. First day is prep work depending on condition of the floor. Once the whole process is complete, it will need 3 days to cure before use.

1 car garage for $599
2 cars garage for $899
3 cars garage for $1199

Priced is garages that don't have an existing coating. Chips and Topcoat cost more too.
We also do Metallic Epoxies for that marble look You can even customize the color and size of decorative chips, Or we can get reflective chips for that stand alone look.

Why would anyone choose to have plain dull driveway, we are expert Stampers, Stainers and Dyers and If granite counter tops aren't in the budget. We can help, with that too.
All pictures are of actual jobs done recently. We also warranty our work.

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**Also please beware of Cheap Contractors , they cut corners but it costs you the most