• Housekeeping $25.00

My Home Organization Services assists individual's declutter and create systems to optimize functionailty, space, time and reduce stress. I am able to assist you in taking control of your surroundings.

We all have dealt with being overwhelmed, procrastinating, not knowing where to start or simply dreading home projects.

Many people have years of accumulation in their homes so it can take a few to several sessions to accomomplish organizing goals. Organizing is a process. It did not take one day to get disorganized so it will not going to be a one day process to get organized. I get calls from individuals who tell me their home is in dire need of help and are embarrassed to have anyone see it. I have seen it all! The greater the the tasks the more motivated I am to see clutter disappear and organization appear.

Some client's end up making money from my services by eliminating the need for outside storage, donating items and taking a tax deduction and selling unneeded items.

My affordable fee is $25 per hour. Please call me and we can discuss your particular needs and priorities of rooms, closets, storage areas that need to be decluttered and organized.
I would be delighted to hear from you!