Quiet Horse Boarding Facility ~ Full & Self Care!

  • Horse Boarding $150.00

Hope and Joy Acres
Quiet Boarding Facility ~ Full Care Board

We are a private, family farm with a quiet and welcoming 24 acres. We specialize in natural, barefoot Tennessee Walking Horses, with 5 TWH mares. We have openings for a few horses. If you are looking for a drama free environment, full care or self care, without the typical chaos or drama of larger boarding facilities, we are the place for you! The owner is also a very experienced trainer.

Full care is $325/month. Self care is $150/month. Training board is available as well, contact for fees.

What we offer:
~ 24 acres, 6 pastures
~ Shelter in each pasture
~ Trainer on premises
~ Creek surrounds half of farm, can be ridden through
~ 8 stall barn, large foaling size stalls
~ Smaller pastures for riding arenas
~ 4 board white vinyl fencing, with electric wire in all fields
~ Enough grass and space for horses to graze 24/7
~ Tack storage area
~ All natural feed included (non-processed) (full-care only)
~ Supplements included (full-care only)
~ Farrier included (full-care only)
~ Quality square bale hay included, daily hay in Winter (full-care only)
~ Shavings included
~ Stall included
~ Horse cared for daily (full-care only)
~ 12 acre pasture for riding along woods line
~ Quiet road to ride along and only 15 minutes from Infirmary trails
~ If you have 2 horses, they can have their own pasture together
~ Multiple horse discount
(no indoor arena)

For self-care, you do all the work. Your board fee gives you access to 24/7 turnout, the stall, the riding areas, and areas to store all of your belongings. But you do all the feeding, mucking, and daily care of your horse and provide all your own feed and hay (dry area to store hay is provided). During severe snow weather, owner will (upon your request) bring your horse in/turn out etc. if you are not able to get to the farm, for an added fee of $5/day. *During winter, if your horse is pastured with other horses, owner does evening hay for ALL horses at one time, late in the evening (taking 1/2 bale per horse from each person's hay) (no extra charge for this).

* We are a quiet and drama free facility, without new horses and people coming and going all the time. We screen all clients thoroughly to keep a drama free, safe environment.

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