Rear end, differential, gears. T5's rebuilt

  • Auto Repair Services $140.00

Mechanic specializing in rear end gear swaps, posi or just rebuild differential with all new bearings, races and seals. Why put another 100k junkyard rear end in it when you can have it completely gone through and have a basically new rearend. Usually it just needs bearings. Once the bearings start to wear the ring & pinion contact pattern does not properly line up causing a whine or howling noise.

For generally $280 labor plus parts you will have something that will last a long time. I will need a tag # from the rearend to properly quote and supply the correct bearing kit that it will need. Bearing kits start at $140. Or if you have anything else auto/truck related. I also do the basic mechanic stuff like timing belt, accessory belts, ball joints, tie rods, brakes, transmission service, starter, alternator.

Call for quote. Can also rebuild your Borg Warner T5 transmission.