Release your body's true potential: Private one-on-one yoga lessons

  • Personal Trainers $100.00

Improve health -Reduce pain -Increase flexibility -Move with ease and grace -Find serenity!

The personal attention of a private yoga class can be one of the most effective ways to reap the benefits of practicing yoga. In the one-on-one format, the teacher is able to design and format a class that meets the student's individual needs and goals.

Who Can Benefit
-Those who feel more comfortable with a one-on-one teaching style
-Clients who prefer doing yoga in the comfort of their homes
-New yoga students
-People with specific injuries and bodily tension (lower back pain, tight shoulders and hips, etc)
-Individuals with competitive or self-conscious anxiety from group studio yoga classes -New mothers seeking to release tension and strengthen their postpartum bodies in a comfortable environment.

Rates $100 per session. Treat yourself to the care and attention of a private yoga session with Stephanie Marks (over 10 years of experience in yoga, RYT 200).

Call for more information. Highlights of Qualifications
-Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher
-10 years of experience teaching yoga
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Excellent teaching style
-Empathetic listener
-In-depth understanding of the body's workings

Stephanie Marks