• Lawn Care $20.00

Tired of paying too much for lawn care? How does service starting at $20 sound?
No contract required!


Or perhaps you'd rather support students instead of big business. Regardless, the cost of caring for your lawn is significantly lower when opting to hire a younger workforce. I am currently a pre-law student at KU, and have been mowing 30+ yards independently for the past few years. However, with school I have decided it would be best for me to expand this business to help younger students make some cash this summer. All of my employees are current high school students. I have a few teams of hardworking individuals that will be doing a majority of the mowing. I have too much invested in this business, so their work must meet my standards. My philosophy is that even though we operate much cheaper than "big" companies, we have no excuse to reflect that in our labor; overhead and profit are the only different variables, the labor is still worth the same.

Model: I will handle all formal communication and business. I do this to decomplicate the operation as a whole. No contract is required, so mowing is done at the client's discretion. I have customers that have a set mowing schedule, and some that will simply give me a 48 hour notice when the yard needs done. Currently I only accept cash and check, but will be accepting cards in the future. Payment can be made in advance or after completion via mail, in person, or left under a door mat.

Basic mow/trim/blow: starting $20, varies with size
-consists of mowing, trimming, and blowing grass off driveway
Garden care: $25/ hour; $15/ half
-plus supplies. negotiable depending on project
-price of mowing yard, this covers all supplies!
-seasonal, call for pricing

*Ask about pre-season services*
Contact: Ben Arnold:
Olathe/OP addresses only please.

*All KU alumni and active military/ veterans will receive $5 off. K State alumni will be refused service. Military discounts stack; $10 discount possible if alumni criteria is met as well.

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