Roof crew for hire w/ eqpt. Monty Gee & associates

  • Roofing Installation & Repair

Now that winter season is kicking in we are working for the public you can hire us direct and save a lot of money. We have prestigious job references including some of the companies we have work for.

We can do any kind of roof commercial industrial residential, grain storage elevators, warehouses, funeral homes, restaurants. We insure all systems are installed as per manufacturer's specifications. Overnight specialty crews, Can provide you with $2,000,000 general liability insurance, bid bonds, performance Bonds, surety bond, workman's compensation, compliance depot registration.

We also scan your attic plumbing after each tour to insure gaseous fume pipe reconnection to prevent injury or death whether by inhalation, permeating, fire or explosion. Another important thing we ensure are the placement of fasteners in adequate areas. The are simply "crash course" crew members who can cause you to spend ten's & thousands of dollars, just to inherit a LAYER OF TRASH
There's "shinglers". And then there's true "ROOFERS"

We also seal around all edges seal off all Ridge Row caps & pre heat all shingles before installation. Prime our metals....a breed apart. I've done the culling for you.
You name it, we've done oceans of it!

Anything, anywhere. Crew size up to 50 men! We can reroof a Walmart inside of a week, off & on!! Try us. LET'S ROOF!!

Monty Gee & associates
Master Roofer 1976