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Most people enjoy the natural beauty of leaves changing colors....Until they fall and cover every inch of your property. Rather than spending your weekends raking endless piles of leaves, contact Vottero Landscape Contractors to inquiry about our Leaf Cleanup service. Whether you need a full cleanup of your property or someone to come by and haul away your leaves, we can accommodate your any need.

Vottero Landscape Contractors takes pride in dependable service and quality work. The impeccable attention to detail we offer with our services can not be matched . Our crew, owner included, will always be respectful, friendly and professionally dressed while servicing your property. When you hire us for your fall cleanup needs; you can expect leaves to be cleaned up, by mechanical blowing and raking, from lawn, flower beds, patios/ decks and other accessible areas. We will bring leaves to the curb for bulk collection by your township or haul them away ourselves.

To assure your property is looking its best for the holidays; we typically split cleanups into two service visits. Your first cleanup will be scheduled and performed within 7 days of contacting us and the second when all remaining leaves fall. At your request, we can complete one full cleanup once the majority of leaves fall.

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