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Combat SAMBO is a Military Survival Style created in Russia in 1920-1930s.
SAMBO is acronym of russion words meaning Self Defense Without Weapons.

You will learn Defense Techniques Against Attackers and Muggers With and Without Weapons in any Life Threatening Situation.
Also Kidnapping and Rape Prevention Techniques.
Instruction Personalized to Fit Your Ability, Age & Gender.

Head Instructor Grandmaster Michael Galperin with over 60 Years of Experience in Europe and the United States, Teaching Military Forces, Police Departments & Rape Prevention classes for Women's Groups.

Classes for Children (Girls & Boys) 4-12 yrs.old, Adults of any Age and Gender and Family Classes: Parents with children over 6 yers old.
Price is $13.00 per class.

Three Schools are conveniently located in Newton, Needham and Wellesley, MA and belong to Newton and Needham Community Education Programs; and Wellesley Recreation Dept.