• Family Lawyers

We provide personalized attention to your personal legal needs. You are at the right place if you need advice or representation concerning all aspects of family law, otherwise known as domestic relations, probate litigation, estate planning, estate administration and general litigation.

Whether you are married or not, but have a disagreement with your spouse or significant other about the children; whether you are thinking about getting a divorce, know that you would like a divorce and need legal representation, or are already divorced and need help with post-divorce issues, such as moving out of town, or are experiencing a change in personal or financial circumstances, we would be glad to assist.

If you are preparing to get married, we invite you to include the preparation of a pre-nuptial agreement in your list of things to do in preparation for the wedding. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you are entering the most important day of your life with financial issues taken care of between you and your spouse-to-be, the bond between the two of you being love, mutual respect and affection and not financial uncertainty.