• Permanent MakeUp $150.00

It is about being beautiful always, in all ways.

Permanent cosmetics, (dermapigmentation), also commonly called tattoo makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyelining and eyebrow simulation. It is a genuine solution for many people. It is an aesthetics solution for those with genetic hair loss, thin or insufficient eyebrows, light colored eyelashes or unsightly growth pattern in brows or lashes.
Who is permanent makeup for?
It is a valuable procedure for those with busy lifestyles, athletes and all women simply unwilling to settle for anything less than their best. Equally it is an essential need for many that have chemotherapy, vitiligo, genetic disturbances, age and scars.
Is it safe?
It is safe! I am trained and certified and have been qualified by the leaders in the industry Sandy Hammonds and Brenda Davies at the American Institute for Intradermal Cosmetics. I graduated top in my class based on procedure perfection accomplishment and have my advanced placement certifications as well. I use only organic iron oxide free inks that are safe, even in an mri, and hypoallergenic as well as pigment pure.
Does it hurt?
It doesn't hurt. I use the highest grade anesthetics available and continue to reapply them after every tattoo pass.
Whats the healing and recovery like?
Permanent makeup has very little healing time. Although depending on the procedure type it can take typically from two days to two weeks. You can expect to be tender the next day and continue to get better each day. Complete healing and desired color can expect to settle in a couple days (2-14).

EYEBROWS ....700.00
LIP LINER ....800.00
BEAUTY MARK .....150.00