• Aquarium Services

At Palm Aquarium Services, our goal is to provide our customers with the aquarium of their dreams! We provide a wide range of services to help with all your aquarium needs. If you have an existing aquarium, we offer a variety of cleaning and maintenance services to help keep your tank beautiful and healthy. If you are new to the world of aquariums, we can help you design, plan, and install the tank of your dreams!

Whether you prefer a peaceful freshwater tank housing vibrant plants and animals, or a complex reef aquarium teeming with life, we can help! No job is too big or small for us!

Palm Aquarium Services, Inc. is a locally owned and operated business located in Downingtown, PA. We are fully licensed and insured to do business in Pennsylvania. We take care of aquariums all over southeastern Pennsylvania, and we are always accepting new customers! Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! Check out our monthly specials, and call for an estimate today! No contracts or obligations required!