• Bicycle Repair

Bike repair is our focus.
Our mechanics have over 35 years of experience wrenching on bikes. We offer general tune-ups, repair, and consultation on all kinds of bicycles. We specialize in modern internal hub gearing, generator lighting, mountain bike suspensions, and modifications for greater comfort and utility.

A bike's soul is defined by the frame and the wheels. We build all types of wheels to fit your bike, 700c, 26 inch, 650B. You have total control. We usually stock DT-Swiss, Mavic, Velo-Orange rims as well as White Industries, Phil Wood, and Shimano hubs but if you want something specific just let us know and we can get it figured out.

Two wheels too many for you? We do Unicycle wheels as well. Name your size 24/36/whatever, shlumpf hubs are the cats meow and my hub of choice.