• Sprinkler Repairs

Hi... I have been trouble shooting, repairing, fixing, and maintaining all types of sprinkler systems in the greater south bay for 20 years now.

* Anti-siphon Valve Repair , Replacement or install
* Inline Valve Repair , Replacement or install
* Sprinkler Timer & Wiring Inspections, Trouble shooting & Repairs and install
* Broken pipes repaired
* System Maintenance
* Repair PVC pipe or drip line Leaks
* Sprinkler Head Replacements & Adjustments
* Drip system Irrigation
* Retro Fit Sprinkler System adding or removing sprinkler heads
* Locating Valves

I also offer System Designs & Upgrades specializing in drip systems. Drip irrigation is an effective way to save money and water.

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